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is a collection of 8,192 unique fighters who are now living on the Ethereum blockchain. They are all hand drawn and AI-generated using over 300 attributes, assuring that every NFT is 100% unique!

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First BUDOKAI tournament will start after all 8,192 fighters across the universe is ready to battle!

There will be battles between each BUDOKAI fighter using random HASH Keys, final survivor wins 1,000 ETH.

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Buy BUDOKAI NFT, get a fighter to enter tournament,
get a chance to win 1,000 ETH !

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We are groups of Geeks and Artist who loves blockchain and Japanese Anime lives in NYC.

Mylo Curran

Co-founder and father of !

Rodney Rose

Creator and God of all the Artworks !

Joy Hope

The one managing our marketing studio !

Chandni Cortes

Pumping twitter & discord for a living !
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Let us tell you more about NFT Project !

Each BUDOKAI NFT selling price is 0.123 ETH, 0.123x8192 = 1,007.616 ETH . 1,000 to the Winner , and remaining 7.616 will give back to our community.

Each wallet is allow to purchase 1 NFT at a time, this will guarantee each purchase will generate a random HASH Key , we will use these HASH Keys of first purchase to sort player position.

There will be 8 different parts for each NFT, including Head, Eye, Nose, Mouth, Ear, Face, Cloth and Accessory,Combat result will be auto generated base on 1st random Hash result of BUDOKAI after 00:00 . First we will pick the part, follow by it's rarity level.

Every game rules and results and wallet will be locked with smart contract . None of them could be changed or edit . The contract itself will be transparent on internet . Prize will be lock in wallet from the first day , and automatically transfer to winner .